Rhonda Lawson & Associates is a Team of Psychologists and Health Care Professionals who have a broad range of experiences and skills.  We are situated in Caboolture QLD and work out of a warm and peaceful place called “PersonalJourneysCottage.”  

The geographical areas covered by our services are within the Moreton Bay Region and the Esk-Kilcoy Region. People outside of these Regions can also access our services.

 The role of our Psychologists and Health Care Professional Team is to help you develop your life’s journey effectively and in a healthy, wholesome way.  You will gain new perspectives and understanding, and develop alternative possibilities.  Our Psychologists and Health Care Professionals will help you discover and use your own resources to resolve your issues in everyday living.

 It may surprise you that most people who visit Psychologists and Health Care Professionals are often well adjusted people experiencing some difficulty at some point in their lives.

Our Psychologists and Health Care Professionals see people who self-refer or are referred through the Medical and Health system or various Organisations. For more information click on Referrals & Fees 

All our Professionals follow strict guidelines about Professional Conduct, Ethics, Responsibility and Confidentiality.