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    Neurofeedback is a system that measures the brain wave patterns (through EEG’s).  Brainwaves are the result of electromagnetic signals constantly generated by the human brain that can be measured by EEG.  NeurOptimal® training captures and analyzes brainwave activities, through the use of a computer.  The computer software reads the brainwave patterns to see if they are firing in an “optimal” way, if not, the brainwaves receive this information as “turbulence”.  This analyses is then put into useful information giving feedback to the brain about its own functioning.

    The NeurOptimal® brainwave training technology is based on decades of research into  non-linear dynamical brain systems.  Dr Valdean Brown and Dr. Susan Cheshire Brown have developed NeurOptimal® neurofeedback technology that is a safe, effective way to train the brain to relax, to reorganize itself so that it can function more effectively.

    NeurOptimal® simply provides real time information to the brain through music feedback, which the brain can use to adjust, organize itself or release blocks.  With NeurOptimal® the brain will train itself automatically and effortlessly, it will naturally reorganize itself in the direction of optimal mental performance.  The brain is a dynamical system capable of self transformation, a process called Neuroplasticity.

    The brain is a very powerful organ that governs our very being, physically, emotionally and  psychologically. NeurOptimal® is training the brain to relax and while you relax listening to music your central nervous system is getting a workout with lasting effects.



    NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is known to have helped those with varying issues, for example:-

    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • PTSD
    • Sleep
    • Trauma
    • Negative thought patterns
    • Depression
    • Migraines/headaches
    • Low self belief and confidence
    • Concentration and memory
    • Problem solving
    • Peak performance
    • Learning and exams
    • Emotional regulation



    EEG sensors are placed on the scalp and ears to detect brainwave activity.  The brainwave activity is amplified and monitored through the computer which then creates interruptions in the relaxation music.  These interruptions give the brain feedback to stay in the correct brainwave patterns.  The brain learns through the NeurOptimal® program phases:

    1. Warm up
    2. Releasing and letting go
    3. Forging new pathways
    4. Integration and wind down.



    Ideally 15 to 20 successive sessions are found to train the brain into permanent new capacity.  By the 6th session the changes in the brain responses are stabilizing.  Throughout these sessions the brain learns, through practice, how to shift from states of instability to stability naturally and effortlessly.  The brain will naturally reorganize itself in the direction of Optimal Mental Performance.


    You Self Refer for NeurOptimal® sessions.


    Initial Session:            $150   (One hour session – gathering information & input + NeurOptimal® session).

    Follow Up Sessions    $120  (45 mins)

    Concession Rates please ask Administration on inquiry



    Phone:  0754989642          Email:  reception@rhondalawson.com

    Rhonda & Christine have undergone NeurOptimal® Training and found it to be very effective for their own personal and professional life….why don’t you give it a go!!!!!  Make an appointment to begin your own NeurOptimal® Brain Training Sessions.


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